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Work in progress
Splitting out the demons by MissSouls   the four horsemen - famine by RipClint  
stomach ache by etrehadluysalumk

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?

From A Memory by rainytown
airplane on the north sky by piximi
Eating a Meatloaf by wangqr

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?
yellow submarine by EarsBleeding

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?
Rabbit by mechtaniya
light by BaxiaArt

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?
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Just gave my blog, located at , a new makeover! For anyone who might be interested, I do post some of my recent project works there, as well as sketches that are still in the making :)

Lucky 7... Not

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 18, 2010, 1:39 PM
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Candi CSS

Trying out this journal skin thing.
I've just recently started paying attention to my deviant gallery, and noticed that I've actually been a member for 7 years.. 7 bloody years! How did time pass so quickly, and why am I unknown? Well, many reasons. I've neglected drawing for years, as well as neglected my gallery.

This journal skin wasn't done by me by the by, I borrowed it from =Infinite705 until I figure out how to make my own. I would have to admit it's really cute though and I might find it hard to change it for now :P

Anyway, I've run into these little cuties, and since I'm trying to learn how to customize my journal I thought I'd try to use all the nifty features as well so I'm sharing them :)
RudzikPL RobinUK by Murawski birds bath by erwtensoep

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Hey guys,
I've been working particularly hard on this blogging business for a uni project about web publishing, and I would really appreciate getting new followers and comments on my posts :) Who knows, you might actually enjoy my blog, and I'm posting all my new stuff there now, so gimmie a visit
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Things have been going well for me and Jan :) Best of it all was my two week trip back home. My parents' house didn't change at all, and Riyadh has actually become even more majestic. I got to know my sister's son too. He was only three months old when I moved and now he's grown into an active and happy three year old.

As for school, I passed the national swedish b exam and am finally eligible to continue the studies that I had to put off! :) Just hope I get lucky enough to get accepted as I've heard that zillions of people are applying now due to the financial crisis.

Jan has been working on the house non stop and things are looking good :) The bottom floor will be ready for my parents in time for the summer. They're be spending 6 weeks with us :D Hurra!
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Typical girl> Damn, I broke a nail!
Artist> Damn! My pencil broke :`(
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I've been reading this American reader's digest and there was this article about learning new things after the age of 30.. Well, I'm 30.
Perhaps I should go American style and take the advice. I do feel bored with everything and feel like a change is needed. I tried study circles.. boring. Cycling.. not boring but I started missing having well-groomed hair and arriving like a human rather than a stick, sweaty tomato because it takes an hour of cycling to get anywhere if I want to leave the house. Cooking.. I still do it but more than two to three times a week is too much. Drawing.. if I have time to draw it probably means I'm not studying enough, so I haven't been allowing myself to draw or paint.. and I'm tired of doing things that involve a lot of sitting really. Shopping.. How much can a person shop before they realize they can't spend anymore :P Reading.. I've been doing a lot of that actually and it's really enjoyable specially when I'm waiting for or riding the bus.
I need a fucking life. It can't only be about studying, so I'm compiling a list of new things to try out. Sadly it won't involve my husband because he's even more busy than I am, and he probably wants to have some quiet computer time when he's free anyway.

1. Hiking - Big no no cus I will never answer to nature call out in the open lol and I don't want to have a muscular body, but still worth a try because walking never gets boring.

2. Rock Climbing - Same issue as the previous one plus it might be dangerous since I'm really clumsy. Just that.. I'm curious.

3.Horseback Riding - I love horses, but I hate ticks lol. There is a riding club right beside my house though and it might be nice to take advantage of that.. and.. get.. closer to .. horse poop lol.

4. Play the piano - I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.. although I have short fingers.. but it can also be any other instrument!

5. Running - I've been giving it a lot of thought actually, because of an interesting person I've met when my husband and I bought my parents' new kitchen. She said she loved running, and specially when it rained.

6. Play tennis - There are tennis courts next to my house as well. Although it's been over 12 years since I learned how to play it. Could be fun -if- I actually have someone to play with.

7. Drawing Trips - It's not really a new thing but it's extremely fun if accompanied by the right group of people. I should TRY finding new passionate members for the illustration circle.

8. Take dance classes - .... ... aha hahahahaha! Really long shot :P

9. Get a pet - Out of the question. We already have three pets anyway. Two outdoor cats and one LARGE red wooden house that requires cleaning on a daily basis.

10. Travel - It's too expensive and Jan doesn't have the time.. but I think it would be a lot of fun to travel by car if we ever get the chance.
Actually, Jan came up with an amazing idea.. We just get into random trains a couple of times regardless where they are going, and then discover the place we end up in.. maybe stay for a night if it's nice. Might actually end up in Denmark :D

I'll think of more things later. My brain is crashing for some reason.
P.S. I fucked up on the Näthandel test today. My brain got everything upside down.
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Some new and some old. There is never a new me but no matter what all people need new stuff to keep them going!

1. Cycling.. It's actually something I've always been obsessed with but never got to do (cus I livid in bloody Saudi Arabia for 25 years).. and now I get to do it whenever I want and have built up the fitness to do it as long as I want as well :) <3

2. Red prince apples lol :P They are so good I'm dropping granny smith off the yummy food list for them!

3. Solitaire. Gets me sleepy when it's time to go to bed at night lol

4. House plants.. Not only do they look amazing but they also improve the freshness of air in the house. That's good actually considering my dark past of plant killing.

5. Fika .. which is basically taking a cold or hot drink together with something sweet, or without, wherever and with whoever (even your imaginary friends!)

6. DevART, always! Not the forums though because I am seriously tired of anything negative right now and forums are the nesting grounds of negativity.

</end blogging>
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Under ytan
Finns stora och små
Under ytan
Finns det skratt och gråt
Det finns mycket där som händer
Som vi inte kan förstå
Men vi hittar alltid svaren
Där i botten av oss själva
Under ytan

Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet att du finns där
Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet att du finns där
Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet att du finns där
Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet

Det skrattas och det skålas
Men slutar snart i kaos
Någon sparkar och slår en stackare där
Som är helt utan chans
Jag ser att ingen verkar bry sig
Och inte heller jag
Rädslan är för stor och stark
För att göra något alls

Under ytan
Skäms jag för mig själv
Under ytan
Bränner bilden mig

Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet att du finns där
Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet att du finns där
Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet att du finns där
Jag vet, jag vet, jag vet

Jag tänker på det ofta
Om det varit min egen bror
Då hade också jag förvandlats
Till ett monster utan ord
När jag ser all den ondska
Som vi människor släppt lös
Det meningslösa lidandet
Då har jag svårt att förstå
Att alla har vi varit barn
Och hjälplösa nån gång
Älskat utan gränser
Älskat utan tvång

Under ytan
Är vi alla små
Under ytan
Kan en god själ förgås
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Hurra hurra hurra!
Yeah not really :P
First off, I'm doing a distance course over the summer.. and I already managed to get my skin irritated by the frying sun rays.
I still prefer the summer to other seasons though, regardless of the number of ridiculously large spiders I have to stumble upon, because It's the time where you eat whatever you want and still lose weight due to all the movement. Where in the winter we sit indoors all day and eat out of boredom.
I'm actually lucky since I live about 6-10km outside Norrkoping and it takes 45 minutes to cycle to town.
I've been painting a little but nothing special at all. My scanner is seriously stupid cus it's part of a 4 in one office machine so I haven't been really active here.
I should try the scanners in the town's library for heaven's sake!
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Not much has been going on. I already went to London and came back, but time passed so quickly that the whole trip felt as if it was only a dream, and right now I'm going through the usual depression period due to missing my family which occurs after every single trip,

THings are going badly in school. I have a final coming up next Tuesday which I haven't studied for yet, and I'm sloooowly progressing with my swedish book.. a very boring one I might add. It's called Godnight Mr. Tom which seems to mention and describe a lot of .. puking and swaeting :p

I've been exercising a lot recently, and that's a positive thing I've been keeping up with! Right now I'm doing a Tae Bo Cardio workout which is exercises combined with martial arts moves. I've actually enjoyed it to the point I've decided to start Aikido (when I can).

Janete and I have finally gotten the Photography and Illustration study circles running so that's another positive thing.

Jan has been completely busy doing house renovations since my parents will be coming next August, so we're looking forward to that. I know, however, that I'll be depressed again after they leave :(
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for the first time that is :)

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8 blablablas about me

1. I hate being bored and I get bored of things a lot.

2. I am seriously indecisive and always changing my mind but once I want something nothing else would do but that thing.. and that's why I think my husband is going straight to heaven.

3. I will use anything with even a slightly reflective surface as a mirror in any place possible just to make sure my hair or hat aren't messy.

4. I'm really shy, and such a klutz, but not shy about being clumsy :P

5. I just discovered that I like reading.

6. My mood changes in one day more than the four seasons in a year.

7. I really love colors in beautiful combinations and will spend all the time necessary matching.

8. I'm a really nice person unless someone pisses me off :P

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fika = have coffee and cakes while babbling (in case you're wondering)

Janete has introduced me to something which only exists here in Sweden, Studiefraemjendet (study-groups), where any person can start a study circle to learn about and research a certain subject they are interested in. The person gets a free course in circle leadership and furthermore the circle actually receives governmental funding in oder to to get whatever materials or trips they might need and a facility dedicated to holding their study sessions and meetings!
We are both going crazy over this we decided to start a photography circle and an illustration one :D All we have to do now is recruit members and send in the paperwork.
I'm so hoping this will turn out the way I'm imagining, cus if it does it's probably a start to a beautiful and active non-ending event in my life :sun:

As for the language course I'm hoping to be able to finish in two months, so I've hardly been drawing due to the overdone studying and all >.o


My inspirations
:icontracyjb: :snowflake: :iconthienbao: :snowflake: :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:
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Cus I'm gonna kill'em soon! :P He's always going the opposite side of /MY/ flow! My precious flow!
I'll spare him just because he makes me those amazing vanilla lattes :blowkiss: and because he has his own devART gallery now :D which is here: Trayser
He probably started it because Eyeblink and I such an amazing inspiration lol ;P

Anyway, the holiday has been fun up to now. I've been in the mood for art and I can't really ask for more to make me happier!  I've started working on the comic I've been wanting to start since forever. Jan got me a sketchbook and a new inkpen as a graduation gift just for the comic :) Well actually.. I got them myself then told Jan they were my gift from him since he was the one who was paying :P
That's right, I passed the test :D and my overall grade was 55 out of 60. So I'm really happy even though it wasn't the highest grade in class since my buddy Eyeblink got a smacking 58 which makes me just as happy :)

My comic doesn't have a name yet and only one of the main characters has been designed. Her concept is just so cute and funny so I started with a few "pilot" strips (i don't know what they're really called) already. This character was originally designed in 2002 but has been "un-animized" which means redesigned into a more actual and realistic look.